Durham Dog Walks is made up of two people – Rhys (23) and Emily (20) – who are extremely passionate about dogs and their welfare and happiness. Each owning three of their own and having experience with many more. Their mutual love and passion for dogs brought them to their decision to form Durham Dog Walks to provide other dogs with that much loved and much needed freedom and adventure that they may not receive daily if their humans are busy with family/working life.

Rhys is 23 years old and currently lives in Brandon, Durham and is able to walk dogs in Brandon and the surrounding villages – further if the dog is brought to him. Rhys has three of his own dogs – Eddie, Will and Buster – who love to explore and always keep him on his toes. Rhys has always been extremely passionate about all animals and his dogs are his world, he will treat your dogs as if they are his own and treat them with the same level of love and care as his own boys at home.

Emily is 20 years old and currently lives in Wearhead and is able to walk dogs in Wearhead and the surrounding Weardale villages – further if the dog is brought to her. Emily has three of her own dogs – Bella, Dot and Eden – who love their walks around the dale. Emily has owned quite a few dogs since she was young and has also been a foster carer since she was 18 giving her experience with difficult, anxious and untrained dogs as many of her fosters have never walked on a lead before coming into her care. She is extremely passionate about dog rescue and works with rescues around the world to help get dogs out of kennels and into homes.

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